LOL , Dr Myles Munroe ,may his soul rest in peace would often make jokes about how newly married women would seek counsel to him with the worry that a sexual demon has taken over their newly found husbands and how he would tell them that he also has the same demon 😂😂, yeii turns out they were actually referring to their never sexually satisfied husband’s or their enormous appetite for sex. The truth is no one really prepares young women for the shock of what is to become of our sexual lives, a never ending pleasure : whether its during washing the dishes, or in the middle of a movie or while you catch your nights sleep.Its bound to happen lol.

So it turns out Men can have a boner while just relaxing and watching Rugby , apparently that Beast has a mind of its own and can rise up like a phoenix in the middle of a hymn in church, whereas for us women it takes alot for us to find ourselves in a mood and also alot of variables like stress or self esteem could play a huge role in how we view sex with our partners.

One of the biggest aspects of marriage we look forward to as christian youth is sex, and both men and women have their own aspirations and expectations of what to look forward to once they enter the holy covenant. On my side , growing up obviously my view on marital sex was influenced by what I saw on the Television, the red roses on the bed accompanied with Boys 2 men, sexy lingerie, steamy foreplay and lots of screaming ðŸĪŠ. But what it didn’t prepare me for : is that at some point I will have sex when I don’t feel like it because My husband gets a boner almost every minute, or sex in the shower is not really much fun as they portray it , or how woman on top feels like cardio sometimes or that stepping out of the shower infront of hubby will probably be not a good idea as I will be arousing a sleeping lion.

Do not get me wrong , I enjoy sex with my husband and he never forces me to have sex with him, (I just thought I should put that out there) but the truth is often that men have a high libido than women and often causes friction between partners if not tackled in fair communication. One of the reasons that contribute towards divorce in our society at large is sex , hence why it’s important to have pre Marital counselling to prepare both parties on what to expect and also to undergo therapy in the marriage to work on those things that need a little bit or intense polishing.

Sex is beautiful ..but for it to work for both partners it requires a little bit of sacfricing and compromising on both sides unless you and your partner have the same level of libido, then hooray for the both of you.

So ladies theres ways you can win over the demon that has taken over your husband ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ,heres a list of things to look into .

1.Consult your gynaecologist, a low libido can be caused by contraceptives or hormonal imbalances.

2. Start eating foods that enhance libido , Google can help educate.

3. Communicate with your partner, and remember compromising has to go both ways.

4. Exercise ,not only will it help in losing the unwanted weight and boost your self esteem , it will help in stimulating your mind.

The next episode I will be discussing why intimacy kills sex in marriage (Yes they are two different things). Please share my first publish. Until next time. 😘

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  1. This id definitely mu nee favourite place to be. I am so tempted to propose to my partner to get this endless supply of sex. I am going to speak on behalf of ladies who are usually the ones who want it all the time, i think it took my partner a while to wrap his head around how we could be sitting around a large group of friends (we hosting even) and the next i just want to pull him aside and jump him. At first he could not keep up and it would make him feel bad because of the frown, but after open communication we have started exploring that there is more to sex than just penetration, masturbation is also a form of sex that is so satisfying to do and watch, foreplay is amazing and other content that may just need to be filtered before being written here, but otherwise great article thank you for finaaaaally sharing

    1. Thank you for your input, indeed some women have a high libido than their partners and can also end up into friction, so it’s best to communicate all the time.

  2. Thank you Tiffy, I agree so much with what you have shared.

    One thing I can further add is that in my marriage we agreed very early we would never use sex as tool to fight. I never sent him sex cause I am unhappy with him, and that has worked very well for us. Sex is not a bargaining tool or a weapon.

    1. Thank you Katia for your input, I wish we could engage more with men for topics like this. I love that you guys were intentional about sex which I find it’s always one of the problem in many marriages.

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