““If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.”- John 15:18

After the last blogpost, “Can marriage be a mistake”, I received resistance that crippled me. It’s been a hectic month for me infused with doubt but more than anything let me call it spiritual exhaustion. I decided to take a break from blogging incase I start writing my opinions instead of what the Holy spirit deposited in me. More than anything I got scared of the direction God was taking the blog especially because the is more of my spiritual journey in marriage so I had to sit back and reflect on what God is saying before I charge to the mission.

Honestly I am scared, I am scared because when you speak about the bible and the intentions of God especially in my line of blogging: Marriage. It creates friction among in my world and attracts scrutiny. I would have been surprised if it’s the world but it’s my brothers and sisters that feel otherwise, mostly because the Church has conformed so much to the standards of the world (Romans 12:2). Everyone wants to be politically correct while the truth is cast aside. 

After the publication of the Blogpost I had to go back to God and ask if I heard him correctly, I wanted to be corrected but he lead me to 1 Corinthians 7:11, where he clearly commands us to remain unmarried if we decide to depart from our spouse and reconcile with our husbands. God also lead me to the scripture where Jesus spoke to the woman on the well and asked her where husband was and Jesus told her her husband was the first one. This was again a confirmation to me that God recognizes our first marriages, although the world (culture) feels otherwise about this, if marriage is not serving them happiness, they go look for it somewhere else. However I advocate for separation in the case of abuse or serial cheating with the hope that some day there will be reconciliation and healing of the marriage. Marriage is a covenant, when we choose our spouses we ought to pick right because that is a lifetime covenant as long as the both of you are alive because God only allows remarrying in the event of death of a spouse only. 

Marriage is Gods concept, it is his institution and alot of Christians seems to be confused because we tend to listen to the opinions of the world more than what God says. “Choose yourself, choose your happiness , Marriage is not relevant, Marriage is not an achievement” Everyday there is a negative opinion of marriage in the world, although it is not a surprise the intention is to ridicule the representation of the covenant of Jesus loving the church through Marriage. When we go through challenges in our marriages we have to hold steady on the belt of truth, what does the bible say. It is very important. In Ephesians 6, the Bible calls the belt of the armor, the belt of truth because it supports the breastplate which is protecting our righteousness.

Marriage is a covenant, it is a ministry , it is each spouse taking up their own cross and laying their lives down and ministering to their spouses for the rest of their lives, a Marriage without God has little to no chance to survive. However the world has sold us the idea of marriage as a fairytale of never ending bliss, well it could be if both spouses become intentional with the ministry they vowed to take on their wedding day. This is why even when you are married to a non believer the bible tells us that a believer can sanctify their non believing spouses and also spouses can be won by their spouses when they see a pure conduct by their spouses, in simple terms we have to be influential or an influencer to your spouse.

God is doing a new thing with the Marriage institution, there is an awakening happening in front of our eyes . More Christians are become intentional with their marriages and transparent with their journey. God is raising “influencers” of the Marriage institution in the world. There is an army of upcoming young couples sharing their marriage journey with the hope of preaching and ministering to the broken, doubtful world about marriage, on how exactly it looks like, that it’s not walking on rose petals everyday but when both spouses understand the covenant, God supplies them with wisdom to navigate life together. It is a true testament that when we seek first the Kingdom of God every else shall be added to you (Matthew 6;33).

I have shared my journey with you the past years, especially how my first year of marriage was challenging, my husband and I were on constant loggerheads, well the preacher on our wedding day did predict it would happen because we are first borns but I think more than anything it was because we are not aligned spiritually. It meant I had to invest on prayer and put on overtime and God blessed me with the wisdom to navigate my marriage life and healed us. This is why I have so much faith that God can turn around any marriage for his glory as long as one spouse stands and submit their marriage over to God but be cautioned, you will put in overtime.

A marriage of two spouses that are born again and understands the covenant it doesn’t necessarily means it’s a walk in the park it has challenges but because each spouse will consult to God, God deposits into the both of them, reprimands them and fills them with counsel hence God asks not to be unequally yoked. I love seeing famous YouTubers raising the Godly marriage high and I thank God for allowing God to use them, I believe the next generation is going to do marriage better because God has started an awakening and he is doing a new thing more than anything he has a habit of reconciliation only if you believe he can.

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