In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.” – Daniel 10:2-3

In high school, I got acquainted with seventh adventists and most of them had good grades, like really good grades lol coming to think of it none of them were average students . I remember at some point I contemplated converting into a Seventh Adventist for my academic breakthrough. On some heeeeh eeeh maaan, something is beating the water. I later learned of the relationship they had with meat/animal products, most of them (acquaintances) either were vegetarians or vegans or ate meat/animal products at a minimal. It actually did correlate with Daniel 1:10, the King found Daniel and the others that only ate vegetables and fruits to be 10 times better than all magicians, astrologers in all matters of wisdom and understanding. A Doctor once explained it to me scientifically that our bodies use more energy to digest meat than plants because animal calories stay in our body longer while plants are high in fibre, they exit our body faster, resulting in less energy spent on digesting. So when you study whether academically or biblically your brain directs all the attention to absorbing the literature leading to understanding the material and retaining it as knowledge . Ofcourse this is very much debatable but my observation with my childhood Seventh Adventist friends and that of the scientific explanation felt like finding another peace of the puzzle to this little mystery I had been observing.

However the Seventh Adventists purpose their diet to diligently pursuing God. I believe that is why the power of wisdom, knowledge and understanding was imparted on them, Daniel 1:17). Some people would call it favor. Our bodies (flesh) are the vessels that carry the Holy spirit and the the difference between a vegan diet and a spiritual fast is that, a fast is depriving ourselves food or any type of delicacies in order to weaken the flesh while spending more time praying in order to immerse ourselves in the Holy Spirit. Fasting helps in restoring or strengthening our relationship with God. Seek first the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and everything else will be added to you (Matthew 6:33). When you seek God diligently, the spirit of God comes upon you, light and understanding and excellent wisdom are found in you, (Daniel 5:14). It is with this scripture I had an ahaa moment that, I really do not have to gain wisdom through experience but through spending more time with God, and he will impart his heart and his purpose for my life to me.


My journey with the 21 day Daniel fast started last year, and it has now become part of my spiritual life, to sacrifice my time and delicacies with the aim of spending time with God every beginning of every year. I believe my first experience of the fast in 2021 blew me away so much that I knew its going to be something I do often. When I read the word of God, the understanding of the scripture become clearer, the interpretation of the scriptures become in theme to the extend that I begin to correlate clearly what God  the core message of the fast is over my life. I come out of the fast spiritually renewed, with more zest for life. I know for certain that the wisdom I share on the blog is the manifestation of the fast. More than anything watching my prayers manifest in my life. I implore Christians to try a spiritual fast as a way of strengthening or restoring their relationship with Christ and I know for sure that your life and relationship with God will change for the better and you will begin to see the power of the fast manifest in your life too.So what do we know about about a Daniel fast?

Daniel ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into his mouth, nor did he anoint himself  at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled. But for some people who are beginners you can start with 10 days first (Daniel 1:12) so as to not strain yourself and build your momentum and stamina from there but always remember it is not a diet but a fast which means God is at the  centre of the fast. Prayer and reading the word  three times a day (Daniel : 6:10). I normally do not ask for anything for 21 days I just spend time in praise and worship and meditating on the word. It is not too late to start the fast, if you have any questions drop me a comment or DM for guidance and help. 

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  1. Oh My word! I love this Tiffy.
    Also let us all look at that a young man decided to sacrifice time and almost his life while interceding for a whole tribe and many many years later we are still emulating him.
    *He spent time with God and he became a territorial power which people call influencer right now. May you gain power to go against the grain and influence generations like you were mandated to in Genesis 1:23, Tiffy. Stay on this.
    * He lived beyond himself and almost lost his life in the process. Deciding to do it God’s way is not always as glamourous as christian celebrity TV makes it look like. You may have some people coming at you but be strengthened in the inner man. Stay on this like Daniel did.

    I enjoyed your testimony and I can also testify to the seventh Adventist students doing academically good in high school.

    1. Thank you Aus Mpone, your encouragement and support is amazing. I receive every blessing and prophesy. Sending lots of love 💕

  2. On behalf of all Seventh Day Adventists, I would like to thank BoldTiffy management and staff kwaaaaaks!
    I was on Daniel fast myself In November and the results are always mind boggling,wow!i indeed felt very light,my usual fatigue was gone and yes understanding is much easier,the mind is always ready to absorb,that’s why the Bible says “WHATEVER you do,whether you eat or drink,do it all for the glory of God” we all need to ponder upon why God chose food out of all the things as a way to glorify Him,thanks for the write up friend ❤️

    1. Hahahaha, so true reading the word on a fast becomes more clear imagine academics to think you didn’t share all this beautiful info in High School. Keepwell ❤️

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