“Now there were four men with leprosy at the entrance of the city gate. They said to each other, “Why stay here until we die? If we say, ‘We’ll go into the city’—the famine is there, and we will die. And if we stay here, we will die.” – 2 Kings 7:3-4.

I literally laughed at this title for a while because that is not how it was supposed to be, it had to go something like, “Just like that it’s the end”. Yes, I have thought about it so many times, to quit blogging and never come back, after all I believe it has served a purpose, to heal me and my marriage while also healing others. But every time I convince myself to bid boldtiffy readers bye…2 Kings 7 come to mind and a very small tiny voice says not yet, I am not done with the blog and it’s not your place to shut it down just like it was never yours to establish it, so I guess buckle up for another season of growing with me. 

When this blog came about, I had asked God to use me and my marriage for his glory, most of you have heard this story before. And literally God said, “ahaaaa I thought you would never ask” and plunged me into blogging, little did I know what was ahead….truly if I knew I probably would have never bothered to pursue this journey (we all never really read the fine print lol) because not only did I go through a painful affliction that was character building, my marriage also went through storms after storms, I mean who am I to think I can tell people to fight for their marriages without really having to fight for mine? Turns out we are all fighting….errrrrrbady gets to fight *tunes Oprahs voice*. At some point I told God in frustration, you can not say I should preach about marriage while I lose mine at the same breath over silly arguments that later proved to be character flaws. I didn’t know what God was preparing me for, until peace that surpasses all understanding, still waters became my portion and I am so thankful that I didn’t quit on the blog or my marriage better yet I now have a better knowledge and understanding of what a marriage covenant is. I met so many challenges on this past two years, while at the same breath I have seen Gods faithfulness and His promises being fulfilled.

For starters, I have witnessed a restoration and healing of marriages around me and that of the readers, some people I knew and some never met but connected through the blog. I have bumped into strangers that told me the blog helped them go through a difficult phase in their marriage, I have met strangers telling me they are learning a lot about marriage and the blog is helping them prepare for marriage. I have made new friends, people that pray over my marriage and the blog, friends that shared every blogposts every Wednesday without fail but never met me and friends that featured as guest writers. I have truly seen the goodness of God. While at the same breath people close to me told me they can’t read the blog because they don’t believe I have anything to offer them especially because I just recently got married or people close to me that would look at my marriage reality and couldn’t reconcile with the contents of the blog and told me they can not relate to the blog. People I loved and respected. This part of my journey reminded me of Joseph and his brothers (Genesis 37), in that sometimes when you own the fullness of who you are, it makes others uncomfortable and eventually they will find the need to prod holes in your transformation because they don’t fully understand the burden and the cost of what a call on your life entails, not even yourself knows but only God and all you have to do is let Him lead. We are all called to do something or be something for the Kingdom of God the difference is the gift and the journey.

The challenges were enough to demotivate me and question my calling and the existence of the blog, if really God called me here. Heiiiii…it was not easy but it was definitely worth it at the end. The fact that we (me and the readers duhhhh) pulled it off despite the odds, two years straight, I mean who is the MVP here? Hahaha…I love you guys and Thank you. 30 000+ views on the website, 56 blogposts and 276 comments later, it was not all for nothing. The blog achieved its purpose, to reframe the knowledge and understanding of the marriage covenant, to the married and unmarried and to build and support Godly marriages but most of all for someone to relate to my journey and know they aren’t alone. God is doing a new thing in the marriage fraternity and raising His children to restructure, reframe and establish Godly marriages that will glorify Heaven. A marriage like Heaven is real, it is a portion for every child of God, we just need to submit to the obedience of the Holy Spirit, surrendering is not easy trust me I know, beeeen there but maannnn it’s so rewarding. 

Two years has brought us this far, honestly I would have imagined we would have grown to leaps and bounds because anything that is born of Christ overcome the world (1 John 5:4). But now more than anything I choose to believe in the process as much as I believe in the promise, the beginning of this year during the Daniel Fast , I felt a strong urge to explore YouTube but ignored the feeling, yet it keeps coming up, sooooo finally after requests from the readers, a few of you ofcourse asked for a YouTube channel and I kept on giving excuses hiding behind my cowardliness (Gwababa hahaha), finally decided why not? Guys I feel like puking from adrenaline while typing this….yhuuuu bo Tefelo motho (claps once). We are moving to YouTube…..(tunes vuvuzelaa) hahaha….so here is to season 3….I am still going to continue writing, I love writing. In celebration of the blogs 2nd birthday, please tell us your favourite blogpost or what you would like us to explore on the channel…you might win something…I am joking haha but please let us know.

Look out for our first YouTube channel episode next Wednesday. Just like that we have come to the end of the blogpost. Thank you for the support and reading and if you can please follow our social media pages, @boldtiffy on Instagram and Fave God Bless.

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  1. Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary!!! Would you feature your hubby on one of your episodes: blogs?🤔

  2. Congratulations mme! May God increase you and your marriage. Passion is when you do something consistently without getting paid for it. We appreciate you letting us eavesdrop on your conversations with God. Blessings

    1. Thank you so much Ntate Makara, for being a friend of the blog and being part of the ministry

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