“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” – Galatians 5:22

Beginning of the year I had a shift in my spirit, it was as if I had an epiphany, that life is a beautiful gift and one day it will be gone while I am waiting for a perfect time to start living and unfortunately losing time I would never get back again. I have been unemployed since forever and yes I am being sarcastic because what is this? Unfortunately or fortunately for my daughter and husband, I became a stay at home mom…and because my life (reality) was not reconciling with my expectations of what life was supposed to be. I kind of put my life on hold waiting to be that career woman that woke up to her Zara suits, driving her Benz and bought her Starbucks coffee on her way to the office, with beautiful friendships sprinkled with travelling, if we are being frank picture “Being Mary Jane” with a husband of course. Yet Mary Jane as much as she was a character in a series, she went to gym, and did her affirmations every morning all the combinations of discipline and self control. Since my epiphany, it has been my sole mandate to pursue life intentionally and I do not think I was prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the work it required if we are being honest, we all know consistency is self control sprinkled with candy because when people say “be consistent” it sounds easy. 

We all want a wholesome life, marriage and friendships…and all of that requires intentionality. Intention means an aim or a plan. We need to plan around life, so that life doesn’t plan for us, anyone with a successful life or career planned around their life this helps because even if things don’t pan out the way u want, the plan still remains, you pick yourself up to work on it again, this is where patience with self comes in. Pursuing weight loss without a goal or plan removes intentionality because you need to be intentional with your food intake, water intake, work out plan and now the two most important traits come in place; discipline, self control and patience. Being intentional with a marriage, two spouses need to sit down and have goals and plan around achieving that goal, to love someone requires intention, date nights , gifts , affirmation and if it’s not part of the plan it’s not easy to maintain it. So is being intentional with building wholesome friendships, being intentional with buying one another gifts, celebrating one another, planning out fun nights. My Bestie and I are intentional with gifting one another, travelling and fasting so much that when we do not fast we know something is wrong. We planned all of it, it just didn’t happen, intention.

I always knew I struggled with discipline and self control especially when it came to weight-loss…I would be intentional with the plan, start Keto with intermittent fasting and my lack of discipline will sneak up on me and I would find myself having McDonalds and lying to myself that I will start again tomorrow and tomorrow comes and excuses excuses *sigh*. But the lack of discipline became so evident like woahhh, the beginning of this year when I decided to pursue a life of intentionality and every area required discipline, self control and patience. My spirituality required my discipline, if I have set aside 6am as my time with Christ I have to switch of my phone or Wi-Fi and be present but I realised waking up to notifications on your phone, ignoring social media when wakes up, to reach out for your Bible to pray is not as easy as I thought it would be. In the process I had to learn to be patient and gentle with myself. I later had an ahaaa moment in my struggle to be consistent in that if I wrestled with being gentle and patient with myself imagine how I would be with other people, so it starts with me first, the manifestation of the fruits of the spirit are birthed in me then overflows to everyone else around me. I can not be gentle and patient to someone else if I can’t be that to myself. Simple. It’s a process this thing and I am always surprised every time I dig deep into the Holy Spirit what I always find within me, most of the time I act surprised but the truth of the matter I always knew, I don’t know who I am kidding me or the Holy Spirit, hahaha. I am a stay at home, I am a wife and I am going to be intentional with these phase of life I am in, Babyyyy I said let’s bake cheesecake and try new recipes…ohhh Lord Nooo hahahaha. 

Thank you for reading as always, If your new to our blogsite feel free to binge read from the beginning. I am still trying to juggle writing and the YouTube as it requires my time, it’s a whole different sphere there heiii hahahaha.I am honestly struggling but I am learning to be patient with myself .Please tell remember to tell your friends about the blog and the new platform, YouTube and subscribe. I love you all and Thank you for the love and support. 

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  1. This!! You know how quickly us Sagittarius humans get bored quickly?? Being patient with myself always feels like a far fetched dream. I’m the type that gets angry at self for not getting it together. So thank you for this platform. The lessons, the validation of our feelings that we aren’t willing to be honest about. And of course… for the wisdom you impart on us weekly. You’re a blessing Tiffy ❤️

    1. Amen Lillie, we really need to learn to be gentle and patient with ourselves . I appreciate your love and support always

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