“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.- Genesis 1:27

Yhuuu guys I am convinced, I love men hahaha but I promise I can explain. The past week I was watching the movie Creed 3 and I couldn’t hold myself in marvelling at the beauty of the two black men in the ring, it was as if a layer was removed from eyes and I could see clearly what I didn’t see before. If you are an avid reader of the blog, you will know by now the struggles or issues I have had with the image of masculinity. I never really had good examples of Godly masculinity, only the toxic one. So I grew thinking nothing of men or better yet I grew up thinking I ought to protect myself from men. Funny enough it never altered my attraction to men lol, nature knows best this is why I indoctrinated myself that, “well since you are attracted to men, you need to build a wall of defence Tiffy”. And man oh man what a recipe for disaster because I eventually got married and I entered a marriage with that mentality. We all know by now how it turned out for me. Maar Gods grace guys? We thank God for my healing and restoration.

I only realised recently that I have healed and my mind has been renewed, when I began looking at men with a different perception. The first time I had an encounter with a Godly masculinity was with my Pastor, that man had stature, and spoke with so much authority, but the boldness, the bravery and the love for God warmed my heart, when he speaks he roars. He is the very first man that made me feel maybe there’s something good about men or masculinity. I remember one of my prayer points was God to bless me with a husband with similar traits and surely God did not disappoint and did I not receive Beast? Hahaha that man roars when he speaks please. Every essence of the trait Beast had that was similar to that of my Pastor triggered me so much, like mmmm God “it’s not make sure”. I laugh now because I have fallen inlove all over again with those traits but back then yhuuu it was a lot. I rebelled against his leadership…I was afraid and moved in fear and my resort was to embody masculinity in a fright to protect myself. 

Until the Holy spirit renewed my mind helped me understand the power of my femininity. I walked in my power and authority as a woman and began to see the beauty and power of masculinity as something to work with not against. More than anything instead of frowning upon a man that is misusing their masculinity, I empathise and I remember the great words of Myles Munroe, that when you don’t know how something works, you are going to either misuse it or not use it to its full capacity. The truth is most of us, we don’t understand the beauty of both femininity  and masculinity this is why there’s so much chaos in the world. Whereas if we could really sit down and analyse our differences as men and women, we could fully contribute in building our society (For as woman was made from man, so man is now born of woman. And all things are from God. 1 Corinth 11:12). Men you are beautiful in every fibre of your being, so is your masculine spirit, embrace it, love on it and ask God to help you to move according to how he made you. Women, you are beautiful may you always remember to walk in your femininity, your power, may you remember to seek counsel from God in knowledge and understanding of your being.

And just like that we have come to the end of our blogpost. Thank you for visiting our blogsite, if your new here feel free to read older blogposts. Don’t forget to comment, I always love to hear from you.

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  1. It’s as if I had forgotten how brilliant your way around words is. ,puuuur!😍😍😍😍📝🙌🙌
    Love love it

  2. Welcome back Tiffy. We missed you….we thank God for the healing and restoration, thank you for always taking us along in your journey.

  3. neew here , really enjoyed this sis Tiffy !!🥹🫶🏽
    I’m genuinely learning to accept men as they were really created by God and hoping so for my generation as well.

    1. Welcome home Lee…we have so many negativity around masculinity and we need a renewal of our minds on the topic. I am glad you enjoyed it ♥️♥️

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